About Us

I started this because of something I never imagined.  My wife and I moved here because it’s simply the only place I’ve ever considered moving to.  The mountains.  They are just awe inspiring. 

I’m a freelance artist. As such I had to do some other work when artist work wasn’t available.  Uber and Lyft provided an opportunity.  What I found was I loved providing tourists with information to enjoy the city, and its surroundings. I also took family and friends that came to visit to see the sights.  I enjoyed showing them and they enjoyed being shown.   

Voilà…Mountain Jeep LLC was born.  Why Jeeps?  Mainly because they go where I want them to go.  Bad weather?  No problem.  Mountain trails?  No problem.  However, in good weather, I can take the top and doors off for a full open air experience.  And they look cool.

This is just a great place to visit, and I enjoy taking people to those places that inspire awe.  I also enjoy giving local business that I enjoy a  reference….I support all aspects of our community.  There is much to be offered.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Colorado Springs.  

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