Pikes Peak Tour

Pikes Peak Tour

Duration: 3 Hours
Capacity: 4 People

Private tours through winter!
The Cog Railway a little crowded for you?  Book with us and the tour is reserved for your group!


Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain. It’s more than just saying you made it to the 14,115 summit, it’s an incredible experience.  The views are stunning.  To the south, west, and north, you see the Sangre de Cristo, Sawatch Range, and Front Range mountain ranges.  As far as the eye can see.  To the east, we see the eastern plains and Colorado Springs.

On the way up, we’ll stop at several places of interest for pictures and soak in the views.  We also stop at Glen Cove for pictures and bathroom breaks.  Restrooms are available at the Summit House as well.  

Once we get above the treeline is where things get real interesting.  On one side you see rocks, the other, distant views, and in some places only sky.  We go through a series of switchbacks, which are back and forth runs of road that zig zags to the top.  Once at the summit, you’ll be treated to fantastic views,  world-famous donuts, and a gift shop with goodies and concessions.

We will see some wildflowers (depending on the time of year) and the Aspens in the fall are a sight to see.  It is possible to see some wildlife.  Bears, elk, deer, and even mountain lions, but it is rare.  A little more common are Big Horned Sheep, and most likely, Marmots…which you may only hear them whistling.  And you never know, Sasquatch might have a chance of showing up!

The weather may affect how far we can go up at any time of the year.  Bring extra clothing (layers).  It can be 40 degrees cooler at the top than Colorado Springs.

If the Cog Railway is full, or if you want a more personal trip up Pikes Peak, give us a look!  We start and end the trip in Manitou Springs, which is a place you’ll want to explore.  Also plan to visit the Garden of the Gods on your trip. Of course, we’ll offer up all kinds of goodies to do on your stay.

Children under 6 months of age should not go above Glen Cove. Their lungs aren’t developed enough yet endure the low oxygen at altitude. That said, we’re doing a 1 yr old minimum, just to be safe. It is also not advisable for people with heart conditions to go to the Summit. 




Pikes Peak Tour $70
Adult: $80.00
Children (12 and under): $70.00
Seniors, Military, First Responders: $70.00
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