Pikes Peak Highway in 3 minutes

An edit of nearly the entire Pikes Peak Highway drive, with interesting points of interest highlighted.  This gives some idea as to what is expected.  Enjoy!    

Cripple Creek and Victor in 3 minutes

An edit I did of Cripple Creek and Victor tours, to show at least visually, what can be expected of the tour.  Enjoy!  

Manitou Springs in 3 minutes

This is Manitou Springs.  A super fun mountain town with lots of shopping and restaurants, and eclectic.  It’s part of our tour, per say, but if time permitting we like to drive our guests through and show them the fun places to go and eat.  Take an empty water bottle so you can fill up at the various springs and drink the natural spring water.  

Views From Pikes Peak

Just some views that can be seen while heading up Pikes Peak.  Footage from my iphone, so not so great video quality, but the sense of what is to be seen is there.

Views From Pikes Peak

Some more things to do be seen on Pikes Peak Highway  

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